Customer Acquisition Strategies for 2022

I asked this question to founders & co-founders of emerging enterprises: “What is that one thing that has been the top challenge for you in 2021?” 7 out of 10 mentioned “Customer acquisition” as one of the top challenges. Customer acquisition is the process of onboarding new customers to your business. The customer acquisition process has to do with welcoming new customers and gaining their trust in the product or service that you offer. This sounds like marketing but there’s one key difference: the goal. While Marketing aims to build awareness, the acquisition process looks for ways of driving action like converting prospects into loyal customers with an experience that will make them come back again in droves. There are different techniques for doing this which can involve anything from using social media channels such as Facebook ads and Google Adwords all of the way up through sending handcrafted post cards by mail! We have put together a 40page e-book (preso) that explores this topic of “Customer Acquisition Strategies for 2022.”