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Siva, Founder/CEO, Powerup Cloud

“We onboarded Sam from CUSP Services as our Sales Mentor to help us accelerate our growth and bring in sales hygiene. But Sam helped in more ways than just being a sales mentor. Sam's leadership mentoring skills helped Powerup shape some of the finest leaders within the organization. We did increase our revenue projected this year to 4x and a lot of credit goes to the time and effort Sam has put in Powerup. If you are a startup or mid-size product/services technology business, I would recommend you to speak to Sam right away. Because it's not just about sales or marketing, what you need is a mentor who can help you with a 360-degree growth story.

Avinash Kommireddi, Founder and CEO,  Dataevolve

"We had the opportunity to get coached by Dr Joseph Shields and Rajeev Karkhanis from CUSP Services on transforming our Cloud Business of AWS realigning our GTM Strategy and strengthening our services and solution delivery. Their market knowledge and the methodical approach to organizational design has helped us scale up our new business, generate pipeline and deliver large projects. These guys are great to work with and have as mentors."

Vinodkumar Iyer - CEO at  iNube Software Solutions Pvt Limited

"Sam is an excellent coach who brings very vast and insightful experience of his to help build leaders. He is highly dependable and diligent in his approach to assess gaps and identify medium and long term measures for the growth. His growth focussed midset has immensly helped my team to identify areas of improving growth opportunities for the organization. Sam will certainly be a great value to seek support in addressing key interventions needed for any organization; I strongly believe."

Agnel Bankien - Marketer I Entrepreneur at  Larsen & Toubro Infotech

"Sam brings to the table a profound understanding of "how/why people buy", which he paraphrases as delicious analogies that serve as guide-rails for framing business strategies. To a growing organization he provides the much needed mentoring across levels to ensure broad-based momentum. Personally he has been a great sounding-board and enabler, dipping into his vast and diverse experience in addition to his extensive network."

Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan/ Founder,  Nuveda Learning

"Working with Sam from CUSP Services has been a real pleasure -insightful, fun and result-oriented. Sam is a true Sales coach and a salesperson. What I love about his approach is that it is data and fact based, and incisive in approach, relentless in discipline. We have seen various benefits that are tangible and intangible - overhaul of our sales strategy, tremendous growth of our lead pipeline, ICP refinements, and sales productivity."

Dinesh Kumar/Founder,  Testpress

"We have never worked with any mentor throughout our Testpress's journey. Sam from CUSP Services was our first mentor. There were many process gaps at our end. He helped us fix those gaps. He has set an achievable target for our sales team and helped them to achieve. Any founding or sales team would be lucky to have Sam as Sales Coach."

Ramprasad Sanjeevi / Executive Director - Revenue & Growth.  iNube Software

"As a person, Sam is extremely professional and would do anything under the sun to keep up to his commitments. I have been a beneficiary of Sam’s vast experience, knowledge and wisdom in the area of sales and marketing. Be it classical sales or contemporary/virtual sales, he has hacks for anything and everything in sales. I feel lucky to have found Sam and engaging his services for putting together a design for enabling growth of the organization."

Koreth Mathew/Director -  A&T Video Networks

"Sam from CUSP Services is a brilliant strategist. He thinks very differently from the norm. Therefore, his strategies seem strange at first but when you think hard, they make total sense. But most importantly, he never prescribes - he makes you come up with these solutions to your challenges in raising market share, revenue, and marquee clients. "

Sree Ram | Marketing Manager,  Nuveda Learning

"Working with Sam from CUSP Services was a great learning experience. The way he simplifies Sales & Marketing strategies with simple acronyms is very interesting & the way he guides the sales conversations/discussions and points us in the right direction every single time is just unbelievable, he just brings a lot of clarity to the process & he helps the team to identify the targets and suggest."

Rejesh Keloth/Business Head,  Tecosim Engineering

"Sam’s ability to convert a given business situation to a matrix and make a sales model of it is highly commendable. With his vast knowledge and experience of the subject matter - sales, he displays great ease with any domains, to weave out befitting market approaches, irrespective of the wide variety of the customer pool. Apart from insightful and interesting presentations on basic frameworks, his ability to relate with closely knitted cases and thought-provoking prompts, make his sessions more interesting and sought for. "