Recrutist is an intelligent Career Management Platform based on human and artificial intelligence, enabling corporates to hire top talent effortlessly and job seekers to land their dream jobs by cutting the clutter. Instead of wasting hours in going through hundreds of CVs for one position and applying filters, recruiters can rely on our algorithms and can focus on a quick turn around and fast closures of the positions.

At “Recrutist” we don’t intend to replace the age old profession of head hunting but are trying to make it more smart and up to date with latest technological innovations. We understand there are aspects which need human intervention and can never be replaced by the bots and algorithms. But we also strongly feel that there are few things which can be best taken care of by the algorithms and machine learning and an amalgamation of technology and human intelligence can change the current Talent Acquisition Industry to a large extent. If you are looking for jobs, Recrutist connects you with relevant opportunities based on your profile and saves your time and effort significantly.