How to sell the benefits to a customer?

Don’t sell the rose!
But what we end up doing all the time.

Hope you are well and keeping safe.

Now here is the situation aka the Use case: Man is meeting the love of his life and he wants to carry something special for her.

Your product: A lovely, colorful & sweet-smelling rose.

The usual Product/ feature-focused Sales pitch: 

“Product Overview: Our rose plants are woody perennial flowering plants of the Rosa genus and Rosaceae family.”

“Features: Their main features are erect shrubs, climbing with the help of stems. The size of rose flowers varies from species to species and they also have a wide range of color variations like red, white, yellow, blue, and many more.”

“Our company: Most of their species are Asia originated and some of them are originated in Europe & North America. We have developed a unique patented IP by which each species is easily hybridized and due to this reason, we are able to develop unique sweet-smelling roses. Over the past few years that we have been operational, we have developed around 30 species of roses. And today we offer a 20% discount! Would you like to buy it?”

Benefit focused sales pitch: 

“Sir, can you hold this rose in your hand in front of this mirror? How do you look? How do you now feel meeting the love of your life?”

Now can you reflect back on the sales calls you made last week, either over the phone or over a video conference, and how many times did you sell the “rose” and not “the man”?

Where you focused on the product/features/company rather than the benefits?

What are your thoughts about this framework?

When you adopt this framework, how would you look in front of your prospects & customers?

Would love your comments!

Kindly share with anyone who you think might gain from this article.

More love to you!

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