How To Help Your Front-end Sales Team Adopt a More Digital Approach

The covid pandemic has been a disruptive event for economies around the world. It has pushed companies to adapt and adopt a more digitized approach and fast-track processes across products and services.  

However, even when back-end processes have changed their functioning significantly, many companies still depend on pre-covid sales strategies. Companies and their front-end sales teams must understand that a digital approach can vastly change their outcome.  

And it isn’t just about video conferences with prospects. There’s more to digital sales than what meets the eye. So, here we will look at how you can help your front-end sales team develop a digital sales mindset and boost your business bottom line. 

1.Automate sales workflows 

Gone are the days when sales meetings involved commuting to prospective client offices, expensive lunches, and formalities. Today, prospects have less time and more things to do, so you will have to make your sales process more impactful and efficient. The best way to do that would be to automate the workflows of your sales teams.  

That will increase their productivity, improve reach and help them manage their time expectations.  

Here’s a look at some of the tools you can use to achieve this: 

These are just a few tools categories that you can use to make your sales team more akin to prospecting and closing in 2022.  

2. Becoming more data-driven

Digitizing front-end sales does not just mean making processes faster; it also means making them more effective. And how does one do that? By using sales intelligence and predictive analysis.  

Becoming a data-driven sales team means working on multiple channels and reaching the right customer at the right time with the right message. Predictive data analysis can help companies improve sales without compromising data anonymity and customer privacy.  

It all comes down to these questions:  

  • Who should they target?  
  • Which channel does the prospect like to engage in?  
  • What message best resonates with the target?  
  • How can they improve the various buying stages? 

The sales team can collect data from marketing automation responses, website traffic, purchase history, patterns in product usage, and the types of customer service inquiries received.  

3.Rebuilding your sales teams 

Today’s modern sales team is an amalgamation of specialists who are trained to handle customers in each of the different buying phases. Sales reps are no more expected to manage the entire sales cycle by themselves.  

This is primarily because of the increasing level of expertise required at each stage of digital sales – something that you cannot expect from a single team member. If your current sales team does not have a similar structure, digitizing it might not be as fruitful.  

To modernize your sales team, here’s the right combination of digital and traditional you will need:  

  • Traditional territory sales reps  
  • Business development reps (digital and traditional) 
  • Inside sales executives  
  • Product experts 
  • Partner Managers  
  • Account Managers (digitally-enabled) 
  • Customer Success Managers

Combining these resources will depend on the nature of your product or service. 

4.Understand digital customer behavior 

Today’s customers have changed, and you must adapt to their new expectations, especially if you are looking to digitize your sales. For this, you need to develop a more customer-first approach.  

This means, starting with their digital customer buying behavior and understanding that:  

  • Customers have gotten smarter  
  • Customers have less time to spare  
  • Customers need more expertise  

If your sales team can hook a customer with a better understanding, less time, and more requirements for expertise, then your sales transformation will come seamlessly.

5.Use available tech at hand 

It is difficult to change old habits, primarily if you have depended on them your entire life. To many in sales, it is still about people and relationships. While that is true, the way to maintain these relationships has changed today. 

Adopting a Gen Z mindset to deal with these changes can be a fruitful exercise for sales teams looking to modernize themselves. As the first native digital generation, they are ready to communicate over digital channels in quick conversations at any point of the day. 

The importance of multichannel messages has also increased, and sales teams need to communicate with prospects depending on which platform they are using.  

These are ways to develop a digital mindset with the front-end sales team. If you are looking to boost your company revenue and modernize processes, then we can help you. Cusp Services helps companies solve their growth challenges by attracting the right talent, creating a customer-first approach, and building processes that delight customers. Schedule a meeting with us today!  

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