SPANDA Framework Step 3: “Attract” & Build Sales Funnel with Inbound Marketing

Customer behavior has evolved a lot over the decades. They can easily determine if the brand’s voice is true or not; and readily move on to competitors in the market. Traditional advertising and pitching methods are not as effective today. Your brand needs to influence your target audience with better strategies than simply pitching them in a pushy and off-putting manner.

To make this happen, we at Cusp Services help you shift your process to inbound sales and marketing. It is an effective and scalable strategy that focuses on the customers’ pain points, needs, desires, and goals to attract them to your business and guide their way to conversion instead of pushing them.

Read ahead to discover how you can implement this incredible customer-centric and market-facing process and how the best sales consulting for startups can leverage it to help you attract more customers, increase conversions, and grow revenue.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a process that focuses on creating valuable offerings and personalized experiences for the customers to attract them to your brand. It focuses on accompanying the customers right from the first time they come across your brand and nurturing those relationships till they turn into loyal customers.

Note that outbound marketing interrupts the customers’ daily life by aggressively advertising the content they don’t always want and pressurizes them to purchase. But inbound marketing focuses on solving their actual problems. It aims at building valuable and lasting customer relationships through meaningful conversations and relevant and engaging content that draw customers organically towards you.

How to Attract Customers the Inbound Way

Instead of chasing massive visits to your website, you must focus on attracting the right people to your website that really need your offerings, match your buyer persona, and are most likely to become happy and loyal customers. Here are a few ways you can attract the right audience and compel them to purchase:

Provide them with relevant and timely content

Blogs, ads, case studies, articles, guides, podcasts, content offers, infographics, videos, whitepapers, eBooks, and social media content can be incredibly valuable for reaching customers and increasing your brand awareness. Make sure they are well-researched, data-driven, and supported by informative visual elements that make them more interesting.

Furthermore, your content needs to have an irresistible headline in a simple yet powerful language. To craft a compelling headline, consider including the following-

  • A bold/shocking statement for higher click-through rates
  • Numbers/Statistics
  • A strange/funny question
  • A sense of urgency
  • Mystery (not revealing the main takeaway)
  • A negative power word (never/worst) for over 50% more CTR

These assets will give your sales team relevant content to use at every stage of the buyers’ journey and aid their experience. To enhance your content’s reach, make your site mobile-friendly and easily navigable. This way, you won’t miss out on valuable traffic.

Have a strong SEO strategy

Combining your content with a strong SEO strategy and targeting specific keywords can be incredibly beneficial.  

Those keywords and phrases can be related to-

  • your products and services
  •  their features
  •  the ways they help your target audiences
  •  the pain points/challenges you seek to solve for them

Consider adding a target keyword with a high search volume to your content’s headline to optimize them for driving targeted traffic. Done right, this will help your content appear organically and rank higher on the SERP and enhance your brand’s reach and growth. 

Follow up

Once the potential customers come to your website, you want them to leave their data so they can become your leads and continue receiving valuable brand information from you. Test demos, chats, phone calls, meetings, etc. can also help with getting their data. You must follow up and keep engaging with them so they can become loyal customers. 

Why Choose Inbound Marketing For Your Business? 

A good customer experience and active relationships are crucial for one’s overall organizational growth. And they serve as the very foundation behind inbound marketing’s efficacy. As per a study from PWC, over 73% of all people consider customer experience a vital influence on their purchasing decisions. 

Consumers enjoy engaging with a brand that makes them feel valued and provides opportunities to connect. The relationships that inbound marketing helps you build with your customers increase their retention. Their satisfactory experiences will compel them to give you repeat business and even refer your brand to their acquaintances, thus expanding your name and increasing your audience. 

Inbound marketing acts as a long-term investment for your company that multiplies your assets over time. Individualized contextual marketing can lower your overhead costs as it exhibits a more targeted approach and needs less interaction from the salespeople.

You can not only own the content that positions your brand as an expert in your sector, but also the different organic and direct channels for customer acquisition, which can be profitable for years to come. As per statistics, content marketing costs over 62% less than conventional marketing methods and triples the leads. 

Over 82% of marketers who blog experience higher chances of customer acquisition and a positive ROI for their inbound marketing. Furthermore, businesses applying inbound tactics can generate over 126% more leads than those who don’t. Other prominent benefits of inbound marketing include:

  • Shortened sales cycle that can be automated
  • Improved sales workflow
  • Valuable analytics and insights on the target audience for greater revenue
  • Lower cost for acquiring leads- on average, inbound leads cost over 61% less than outbound ones
  • Better buyer personas
  • Clarity about the right channels for customer segmentation

Key Points to Consider

To effectively leverage inbound marketing for your business, you need to keep the following things in mind:

Shift your focus from attraction to retention

This marketing methodology is not solely about getting more customers. You must also focus on providing them with a unique, valuable, and complete experience tailored for them so that they last with you as long as possible. This is the essence of inbound tactics. Moreover, maintaining an existing client is over five times cheaper than attracting a new one. 

Achieving this needs buy-in from your entire organization and a significant cultural shift from conventional marketing models. Newsletters, offers, incentives, continuous Email communication, etc. can act as efficacious loyalty strategies. 

Set realistic expectations

Inbound marketing won’t bring overnight sales. Besides money, you need to invest your time in testing, improving, and personalizing the experience for your audience to let them approach your brand. Your employees too will need time to adapt to the changing sales models.


You must keep analyzing your marketing progress and improve the strategies based on customer feedback. In addition to that, inbound marketing is not a one-size-fits-all method. Brands must establish their custom inbound workflows based on their sales journeys. Thus, you must define your own inbound tactics that suit your brand the most rather than blindly following your competitors’ strategies.

Reach out to experts

The inbound approach works best when it is handled by professional and responsible sales consulting for startups in India like Cusp services. Because they can conduct in-depth research to better understand your business, industry mechanics, competitors, and target audience. Working with such organizations ensures that you get the best possible ROI from your inbound strategies, which is often beyond what most in-house marketing departments can achieve. 

For growth that sustains, you need relationships that last. As you successfully build consumer connections with inbound marketing, you need to nurture them with outbound sales and marketing tactics. To understand the philosophy behind this strategy, get in touch with the best sales growth consulting in India and learn how to personalize your conversations with prospects.

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