Leveraging Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage

As per McKinsey Global Institute, data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire new customers, six times as likely to retain them, and 19 times more likely to be profitable. Furthermore, over 62% of retailers report that data analytics creates a competitive advantage for their organizations. This shows that data is undoubtedly a fundamental asset for improving […]

Competitive Advantage: Examples and Best Practices (Part 3)

Let’s learn and get inspired from such best-in-class companies and implement effective strategies to drive sales and effectively grow your brand. You will also discover the best practices that you can follow to leverage your competitive advantage and effectively scale your brand. In the last two articles of our 4-part series ‘Competitive Advantage’, we talked […]

Competitive Advantage: How to Build a Winning Strategy (Part 2)

Thus, in this article of our 4-part series ‘Competitive Advantage’, we guide you through the necessary steps to help you build a winning strategy around your competitive advantage. Using this, you can better leverage your advantage and achieve long-term growth for your company. Porter’s Generic Strategies There are numerous competitive strategies employed by business professionals […]

Competitive Advantage: What Is It and Why Is It Important To Drive Sales? (Part 1)

For companies to stand out, they need to define a competitive advantage for themselves. This deciding factor makes customers choose a particular business over the others. Once a company understands and leverages this advantage, it can win a greater share in the market and attract more loyal customers. In this 4-part series, ‘Competitive Advantage,’ we […]

How to transition and move away from founder-led sales: A complete startup guide

However, this is not a sustainable model. There comes a time when moving away from founder-led sales is good for the startup. This usually happens when the sales department starts scaling up and it becomes difficult for the founder to manage the core business as well as the sales engine. Let’s look at why transitioning […]

Hiring your first growth marketer? Here’s what you need to know

After your product finds the right market, scaling and improving sales strategy becomes the next big task. Rigorously analyzing customer behavior and planning to tweak sales strategies becomes imperative for a startup’s survival. Your startup, therefore, needs to have the capacity to do such intricate tasks of deriving insights and executing the changes consistently. You […]

How to hire your first salesperson: Guide for startups

After the pre-series funding, it becomes even more critical for a startup to build a strong sales team to achieve revenue growth targets. In this 4-part series, “Playbook for Startup Founders,” we talk about strengthening the sale strategies after receiving the first round of funding. Hiring a salesperson is a tricky task. You need someone […]

Hiring a sales team? Avoid making this crucial mistake

Our first article in the series talks about the most imminent pillar of a scaling startup – Sales. For startups, sales are the holy ground that determines the growth path and the business’s revenue. Here we discuss the most-asked question in the startup world about sales hiring, i.e., whether first to hire a sales leader […]

Video marketing for SME companies: How to get started and leverage it effectively

Making a case for video marketing Videos are a powerful tool to add to your marketing arsenal. It has become people’s medium of choice for several reasons- Videos help build trust and brand loyalty. They can help influence the buying decision of your target audience. Simply put, videos tell a stronger story. Websites with video […]

9 Essentials to help you build your sales engine for business growth

1. Review your organizational structure or design In a well-designed sales team, the members are divided into specialized groups to increase team efficiency. This categorization could be based on region, products, services, or industries. If your company offers a variety of products and services, then it will be easier to structure your sales team based […]